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Posted by Apollo at Jan 28, 2007 1:09:32 PM
Re: Valentine's Event! Win nauseating stuff!
Aw.. not even those special valentine-familiars? ;)

*laughs* Everyone should have one! :)

In other news... I have been getting a lot of PMs asking me to make edits to entry posts / delete posts / fix links / fix images / tidy up, etc. I will be deleting some posts as I bilge the entry threads every now and again, but on the basis of the number of requests for edits I've had, I think I really have to say now that I can't do this. I strongly suggest that you check your text carefully before you hit the Post button, and that you use Preview to check format, quotes, images, links, etc, are working.

My apologies to people that I'm letting down, but I think there will be a lot of entries and I can't be fixing them all!

If you completely booch an entry post, then feel free to post a second one with the corrected links or images. However, my best advice is to check more thoroughly before posting the first time!

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