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Posted by Apollo at Jan 28, 2007 12:45:48 AM
Re: Valentine's Event! Win nauseating stuff!
I was wondering if an entry by created two people will be allowed?
If two people make an entry, that's fine, as long as you're willing to share the prize if you win one. Any prize would go by default to the person that posts.
Before I bother Thalette, are their rules that define the "something physical" which we can send in? Size limits, weight limits, non-perishables, etc.? Should something physical be along the lines of large, well-made prints of moodily-lit photographs of interesting kitchen utensils?

Mmmmmmmm, kiiiiitchen utensiiiiils... *cough* Sorry. Lost myself for a bit there. First, be clear that you don't have to send anything physical in at all. This is purely if you end up making something and have a desire to send it in. I would think that size/weight limits are your choice, as they will affect mailing costs. Other constraints - I'll check with Thalette. I would think that perishables are fine as long as they're coming a short distance, aren't acutely perishable (chocolates good, bananas bad) and you're happy for the people in the Office to demolish them rather than them being forwarded anywhere else. For something essential two-dimensional (like the delicious kitchen-utensil pictures) there is probably less to be gained from sending something in, but I don't remember seeing any whisk or spoon pictures in the Office, so who knows? ;) If you have any specific questions, or want to check on something unusual, PM Thalette. If there's an answer that would benefit from being shared generally, she will post the information in here.
I think this was asked before, but never answered.
Are we allowed to include both lets say a letter, along with some art all in one entry devoted to one OM/Dev?
Yes, as long as it's in one post.
WHERE will the winners be anounced?

In this thread. I will change the thread title to say "Winners Announced" and include a link to the winners' post in the first post.

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