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Posted by vardian at Jan 22, 2007 8:12:17 AM
Re: Making Trinkets interesting
Trinkets for blockade rounds puzzled in. OR for Blockade rounds you puzzled in where your side won the round, even better.

Cap that...not just one for every round. Either one max per blockade, OR progressive trinkets. Common one for one round won, slightly better for 2 winning rounds, even better for winning the blockade.

OR just one for puzzling at least one full round in any blockade where the side you puzzled on WAS the victor (or maybe 3 rounds, 'cause otherwise folks will do one round on each side, to guarantee a trinket, then run away lol)

Just some ideas to incorporate getting a few trinkets to the masses, and make blockades more fun for the little guy!

Trinkets for scoring 50, 100, 200 cummulative points in blockades as the nav.

They would need to contribute a bit before they actually get the trinket it doesnt seem fair if they just sit on there and get 500 points and get a trinket winning the blockade is enough.

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