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Posted by FenrirWolf at Jan 19, 2007 10:51:39 AM
Birthday GF Pillage on Feb 1st
My birthday's on January 31st and to celebrate, I'll be hosting a GF pillage on February 1st.

When: Feb 1st, 2:30PM game time. (i'm shooting for a 3-4 hour pillage)
What: Pillage on a grand frigate.
Where: Quetzal-Saiph route on the Hunter ocean.

I intend to run a GF pillage, and see what can be done to keep battles relatively short. I'll be watching closely to see if there's any kind of pattern to how soon the brigands begin to run from a filled GF. With any luck, we'll be able to get a good number of shots in and grapple before they go into running-mode.

Very few full GF runs have been made recently, and many people are curious what sort of payout plateaus can be reached with a full GF. Subbers, keep in mind that 42 doubloons can buy you a month-worth of subscription, so poe made on Hunter won't be entirely wasted. Doubbers, you know of course that doubs can be transfered to your home ocean.

Following the pillage, if we have enough people, we will attempt to defeat the black ship for a second time.
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