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Posted by Fava at Jan 17, 2007 7:55:29 PM
Judging Criteria
I was just asked what the judging criteria would be for this event, so here's what the judges will be looking for, in no particular order:

  • Does the entry look like a tabloid cover?
  • Is the headline appropriate for a tabloid?
  • Is the headline amusing and original?
  • Does the art correspond well to the headline?
  • Quality of art - if it's drawn, is it drawn well? If photo, is it staged well? If cut-and-paste, is it done so in a clean way?
  • Is the title of the publication appropriate and/or funny for a YPP tabloid?
  • Overall feel - Did you make us laugh? Would it catch our attention in the grocery-store checkout? Will it help me blackmail the Ringers?

If art is not your strong suit, creativity and humor can win significant points if you choose a good headline. If art is your strong suit, use it - but don't forget that the headline will also be extremely important. The headline is your punchline - make sure it doesn't fall flat.
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