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Posted by Patetch at Jan 12, 2007 11:35:29 PM
Re: Puzzle Codename: Nibbler
I just achieved a perfect score, but I am not sure if it was a fluke or not. This was the first time through that I actually played properly (no booching the buttons, remembering that finishing a row / column resets the board, and realizing that it gets reset at 10 moves - I was thinking it was 12 at first.)

With 10 moves the max chain is Vegas^2 (55 points total) and finishing the board with a fill, {single (+10) first time , double (+30) the other three times} without using hints = 320.

I will have to play some more to see how easy that is to repeat, but I think the scoring might need some tweaking. Possibly some bonuses that make you choose which to go for (that is one of the things I am really liking about knightfish - there are so many different ways to get points it is not immediately apparent which is the best strategy.) How about a bonus if you get all of one fruit placed in one round? (I don't think you can do that and get a double fill, at least not easily.) Maybe have a random pattern to match with completed squares (have the pattern displayed somewhere, of course.)

I know the cooperative bonus would also come into play and that will change the dynamics some. I am curious, will it be set up so that the scoring potential is higher if played cooperatively rather than solo? Or will there be a way to balance it out? It would certainly encourage social play if that was the only way to get incredible but I can see that being frustrating too. It even opens the door up for sabotage if people purposely play and quit early to prevent you from being able to get the bonus.

I suppose the gems and the difficulty scaling will make a difference as well.

The metaphor makes sense and the storyboard explains how the cooperation might work, but I still am not convinced. I think time is a big factor here, I know I take a long time to play simply because I am being thourough but I can see that driving other people nuts while waiting, and I can't imagine playing with impatient people would be fun (think blockade - "when do I get paid?" that we used to be subject to.) It also seems like it would still be pretty easy to multi-client (well not easy on the brain maybe but still doable.) What happens when somone logs off? If there were 3 players that earned 30 points, and one logged off, would the remaining two get 10 points or 15?

I do want to see a cooperative game, I think that would be interesting and unique, but I think it might have to be one that takes less time to finish. I will keep an open mind, maybe I will be convinced as it develops further.
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