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Posted by tcarr at Jan 12, 2007 7:18:53 PM
Re: Puzzle Codename: Nibbler
I'll think about the crackers to heal the holes. It might take two crackers though.

I deleted the old storyboard on the wiki. The new storyboard has no pictures, but does tell the story of one way we might have cooperative puzzling work for Nibbler. I also added a "Metaphor" section, explaining the metaphor for Nibbler with foraging (it's not just "well it uses fruits!"). I would appreciate comments on the storyboard; does it sound interesting/fun?

I'm not sure how many tweaks I'll add before uploading a new version, but one of the ones on my list is to set the "click on a clue to translate it to Pirate English" feature so that it cycles between Pirate English and Standard English. I could put spanish and norwegian in there too, but I doubt it would be appreciated. ;-)
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