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Posted by Patetch at Jan 12, 2007 4:24:41 PM
Re: Puzzle Codename: Nibbler
In my usual day late, dollar short fashion, I managed to come up with a layout and clue system that might work (of course it might not either.)
I figured it was easier for me to make a picture of my ideas instead of trying to explain them.

I used graphics for the clues, using single fruit to represent 'each' and a group to represent 'both.' I also added an outline and shaded background for adjacent objects. I just used the word 'Mixed' for the clues that don't follow the other patterns (could use the fruit bowl graphic.) Here are some sample clues and the basic text translation:

I didn't add numbers to the rows and columns (I forgot) but if they were needed they could be added. The text box doesn't have to be permanently there. (Note: I created the clue sets and the board seperately so they don't actually correlate this is just for visual purposes.)

At any rate, there is my idea of how this could all work graphically, I haven't decided if I think it is too busy or not.
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