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Posted by tcarr at Jan 12, 2007 12:31:37 PM
Re: Puzzle Codename: Nibbler
If an artist can design something (I can provide tile size specs, and which parts need to be transparent, which opaque) that will fit the board, I can code it. I'm juggling serious size issues, and trying to make the clue images easily readable as well as having the text translation make sense (so the rows and columns have to be marked too).

Anyway....... tada! Nibbler version 1.0 is now up on GameGardens . We will likely find some bugs, and I am positive that we will find things to tweak. This is a single player game - no cooperation. It's rather like alchemy in that you can take a LONG time to finish if you want to be careful. I really need feedback from players who aren't all that great at logic puzzles, about level 1. We can easily give the game harder levels for the experts (fewer clues is the easiest option).

There have been some changes since the wiki, but it's not too horribly far off.

Feedback would be appreciated.

The cooperative version of the game will take some serious thinking. I might be able to get a cooperative against bots version up this weekend - the problem is the detailed score panel, in a multiplayer game. There's a way to just display the scores for that player, but I haven't tackled that code yet (so all scores go into the same pot right now).
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