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Posted by tcarr at Jan 11, 2007 12:14:44 PM
Re: Puzzle Codename: Nibbler
I am not entirely certain how the cooperation aspect works in a crafting puzzle.

We would have to discuss this if Nibbler were added to YPP. For GameGardens, the players would need to join the table in the lobby. I should be able to have (stupid) bots for those wanting to try cooperative mode but not having enough humans around.

Personally, I would ***really*** like to see foraging turned into something that is a group activity rather than solo plus a lot of foraging alts. Right now, I'm not concerned about how doing the puzzle would effect getting foraged fruits etc. I'm focussed on making an interesting game.

Each player would get a different set of clues, and not see each other's boards. The players would not have to work at the same pace, or take turns (boring), however if one player finishes then nobody can get more cooperation points from that player's clears.

I'm thinking that all the players (minimum 3) at the table would be imagined as being in a circle. You can get cooperation points from the players to your immediate right and left, but not from those farther away. This would minimize people running six clients for awesome scores on *one* of them.

The cooperation comes in when a player gets a new board, and then announces that he knows he can fill row C or row D. One of the other players looks at his board and says "I can fill row D", those two players agree to work on row D, and time things so that they are both down to one placement at the same time. Then one finishes, which triggers that row being marked on the second's board. The second places the finishing fruit, and both players get the bonus.

Saying something is immediately above is quite different than saying somewhere above. Do the graphical clues reflect that?

Aye, if you look at the clues, some of them have black squiggles between the fruits and some don't. No black squiggle means the fruits have to be immediately adjacent. A black squiggle means that something else may or may not be between.

Is there anyway to delete clues once they are completely solved?

I just added that a few hours ago actually. Right click on the clue, and it disappears. Right click again and it pops back.

Also, sometimes there is more than one set of clues for a row or column.

For Nibbler, we *want* players to be working with incomplete knowledge. There will never be more than one clue per row or column.

I can add a lobby parameter so that the text translation doesn't have to be Pirate, however I strongly suspect that after a player grasps what the pictures are supposed to mean, the text is only for the fun of seeing the Pirate translations.

The difficulty for Nibbler won't be based on how difficult the clues are. All the boards will get the same type of clues. We may decide to have very difficult levels with fewer than 12 clues.

I didn't see any "either / or" clues or "if / then" clues in any level, they are a nice variety and I would like to see them added to Nibbler, maybe at higher levels, if possible.

I can't imagine how to make a picture clue for an either/or or if/then type clue. If you give me samples, maybe I could work this in later.
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