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Posted by tcarr at Jan 9, 2007 7:06:45 PM
Re: Puzzle Codename: Nibbler
instead of a fixed number of boards (and having to squeeze more images on the screen, so players know when they are almost done), you lose one cracker each time the board resets (whether due to booching or to filling a row/col). We give the players more crackers than 12/6. Players who are stumped use crackers for hints or gamble on booching (either way losing one cracker). When a player runs out of crackers, he continues to play (with no hints available) until he booches or fills a row/col. Expert players will be able to play a lot longer, racking up a lot more points. Clueless beginners will just use the hints to fill a few rows/cols without really understanding the clues yet, and finish fairly quickly, before getting too frustrated (I hope).
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