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Posted by tcarr at Jan 7, 2007 4:01:31 AM
Re: Puzzle Codename: Nibbler
If you look at the images I have for the storyboard for Nibbler, the graphical clues are above the columns and to the left of the rows. On the easiest level there will be a clue for each row and each column, and it's possible that the clues will determine a full solution from that. The rest of the levels will get 6-8 clues total, and you will not be able to solve the full board (sometimes a few locations but sometimes none - the key there is determining the key position on the board where one hint will give you the most information). Try playing Feasting to get an idea of the types of visual clues I'll be using.

I'm not sure about the board resetting after every 3 placements.... I think for version 1 I won't have it reset at all for just counting placements. We can restrict resetting the board to after each booch and each clearing of a row or column for version 1. (I'm having second thoughts about diagonals) Booching will definitely reset the board, and on the higher levels add a "booched" tile to the board that can never be changed.

About people who don't every booch (for some reason). The points for consecutive correct placements are going to be minor compared to filling a row/col, and filling a row and a column with one placement will be even better. The problem with filling both a row and col with one placement is that you either have to use more hints, get lucky, or risk booching - and when the board resets there will be far fewer tiles already on it than if you had only taken one row/col. Strategy there - filling as many spots as possible on the board before harvesting a row/col (or double).

The cooperative level of play will provide opportunities for even higher points. I don't think that we will have problems with players who score max possible points each time they play, even if they have to double client to do so. I'm not positive how this will work yet, because it's getting complicated... need version 1 up so we can test it and see just how lucky you have to be to get fantastic scores (I'm very good at logic puzzles myself, so if I make a level that forces me to use hints or start guessing, then it should be hard enough).
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