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Posted by tcarr at Dec 31, 2006 8:08:07 PM
Re: Puzzle Codename: Nibbler
I've been thinking about the cooperative multi-player version. I think that the easiest (and possibly most fun) would be the following.

Each player works separate boards. If one player finishes a row/column/diagonal, and the next move that the other player makes is also finishing a row/column/diagonal, then both players get a bonus. (a third player then finishing with the very next move would give all three of them a bonus, so that all three have the same amount of total bonus, etc). If the two boards finished the exact same row/column/diagonal, there's a larger bonus than if they finished different ones. Players would need to discuss strategy in the chat window, to decide when to harvest a row/column/diagonal.

The other ways I had been considering would mean playing the game would take longer for multi-player mode, and all players would be on the same board. I think giving them separate boards is likely the way to do it, although it does mean that one player can't give advice to the other one or share the crackers.

Multi-layer puzzles would either have to be non-rated, or be very very careful that somebody double-clienting doesn't have a distinct edge. I *think* that the above proposal would mean doing the puzzle twice, solo, would be about as much work as doing it once, double-clienting (and double-clienting would be more confusing).

I'm seeing this as a foraging puzzle, hopefully getting crews to forage as a party type activity instead of solo. It could easily be adapted to any industry however, by just changing the graphics and the names of the items on the board (and in the clues).
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