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Posted by tcarr at Dec 25, 2006 6:24:13 AM
Re: Puzzle Codename: Nibbler
It occurs to me that Nibbler might make a good candidate for a puzzle with a "cooperative play" setting. If multiple players are at the table, each gets his/her own set of hints. They take turns placing items on the board (or asking for hints), and split the total points evenly. The total number of board resets allowed would be increased so that the total points for each player for that game would the same as if a single player had played the game.

Players would be expected to discuss strategy in the chat window. Are they trying to make a multiple row/col/diagonal combo? etc.

Obviously, cooperative play only happens with multiple players at the table. I would have to think about how hard it would be to code the game to *also* allow a competitive mode - but competitive mode would not be for GCPP (even if it turns out to be fun).
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