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Posted by tyler21796 at Dec 1, 2006 7:53:53 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
I mentioned this in another thread before the trophy threads were consolidated.

Please! Please!! Please!!! Come out with trophies for sails and carp like there is with bilge (crabs). Every brig/frig pillage I get on these days has an excess of bilgers. I jumped on a frig pillage yesterday that was still sitting in port; there were 1-3 sails filled, 2-3 carps filled, and every single bilge station filled! It's getting really ridiculous. I'm all for rewarding people for sitting on one station for hours, but we need to reward them semi-equally for all the basic duty stations (or at least not reward more for the duty with the least number of stations), otherwise things get really unbalanced.

/me wants to see people fighting to get sails for once

Its always been like that tho sails have never been fought over more of forced opon people.
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