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Posted by atteSmythe at Mar 17, 2004 2:33:51 AM
Re: Flag-wide chatmode
Aye, Ironfisted has it right. Our officers are relentless on the /foff.

One solution would be to allow the easy creation of long-distance 'chat circles.' Generally, our /foff is abused when 4-5 people on different crews, often in different archis, want to have a conversation. You can't really tell 'em to knock it off, because there's not really another option. /foff can be used easily in puzzles, on ship, or on land. It's really convenient.

Personally, for the time or two that it's really goofed me up (like being unable to call targetting in sea battle), I think it's been more than worth it for promoting unity in the flag.

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