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Posted by Ashleigh at Mar 17, 2004 2:24:17 AM
Re: Flag-wide chatmode
fr4nk wrote: 

I have an idea.. create an alt.. and a one man crew.. just for experimental purposes, mind, and join our flag, and then you can spend your entire day reading whisk requests, too!

You'd think with how snarky everyone in general has been getting over flag that certain people would get the HINT that it's freaking annoying as heck to hear ' May I have a whisk to Diamond, please? ' I suppose getting told to take Navy isn't enough of a hint. Eh?

Yes, a mute option for flag WOULD be nice. Even if it only lasted 10 minutes at a pop.

And oh yes, I've muted various flag members, it seems that muting only stays active for so long. Such a pity...
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