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Posted by fr4nk at Mar 16, 2004 9:39:12 PM
Re: Flag-wide chatmode
54x wrote: 
This has been discussed before. Muting channels doesn't give people a proper indication of who is listening. You should just beat your crewmates/flagmates over the head if they're annoying you. Alternatively, have some fun and join in :D

I have an idea.. create an alt.. and a one man crew.. just for experimental purposes, mind, and join our flag, and then you can spend your entire day reading whisk requests, too!

It doesn't matter how many times I beat them over the head, or how many times those beatings are repeated by Thanos, people do not listen.

Sea battle + /fo + /crew == death.

Either give me a /mutefo, etc., feature.. or at least allow me to turn off chat when puzzling (but still log it like if I'm crowing I can read it, or if I exit a puzzle.)

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