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Posted by mellyssa at Nov 26, 2006 1:21:50 AM
Re: The Alternative Trophy Design Competition
So.... does my trophy still count or no?

The trophies will be judged by a panel of five Dies Irae senior members and all entries will be taken into consideration.

On this issue of originality, I will give an example. Pirate A and Pirate B posts a Chat Booch Trophy in that order. If no amendments are made Pirate A would get the credit for originality.

However, if Pirate A subsequently edits their post and it is dated after Pirate B's entry, then the credit would go to Pirate B.

This is in order to be fair to all entrants. The last thing that anyone wants is for someone to come along, look at the trophies posted already and copy an idea just adding a new picture.

For this reason I have not restricted the number of times you can enter or the number of times you can post.
Elyzabeth from Midnight Cerulean Ocean Obsidian

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