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Posted by KingOfZeal at Nov 19, 2006 4:39:56 PM
Officer Training Blockades

What's that? Officer Training? And Blockades? Combined?

Yes! That's right, you heard correct.

The Caper's Capers Event Commitee has planned a series of Event Blockades with one purpose: training new officers on the basics of Battle Navigation.

Our current planning:
Weekly event blockades, hosted at our island, Winter Solstice. These blockades will hold the following format (to begin with, anyway):

  • Non-sinking, Non Removal
  • Cannons inneffective
  • Ignore Alliances
  • 1-3 Rounds
  • Normal Obsticles
  • Sloop only

These blockade settings are chosen to best help emulate actual battle conditions, and to help people understand the basics of the Battle Navigation system including:

  • Token Generation
  • Obsticles (Wind, Whirlpools, Rocks, Edge of Board, other ships)
  • Movement combinations
  • Movement prediction (for other ships)

All that, without risk to ship or morale.

It is encouraged that if you are a new officer, or there is a new officer in your crew in need of training, bring a sloop to Winter Solstice, and participate! Since this is an event blockade, influence isn't necessary, but the extra hands certinly do help. You don't have to be a trainee officer to participate, but those experienced officers who do join, please be respectful of other ships, as they may be. We don't want to discourage new officers, now do we?

These blockades will begin on Wednesday, November 22, with a notification 2 hours prior. Current planned time is for 1-2pm PST. We are also planning on continuing these event blockades every week, with varying degrees of difficulty.
Yamorg, Captain and Navigator
Founder, Privately Funded Pirates AssociationĀ©
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