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Posted by kierra214 at Nov 8, 2006 8:46:18 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Spice Must Flow: (Silver, Gold, Crystal) same concept as the crab trophies for bilging, except its for clearing spice in distilling.

Grain Chain: (Silver, Gold, Crystal) same as above, except for getting grain bonuses in carp.

[Insert witty trophy name]: (Silver, Gold, Crystal) same as above, except for filling x number of bottles with x number of stars. Maybe 2 or 3 star bottles.

Can't think of specific bonuses in sailing, dnav, gunning, or shipwrightery really.

I like this idea. Expanding on it a little:

Shipwrightery - # gold pieces used
Sailing - # square blocks cleared
Gunning - this one's a little more complicated. I was thinking maybe # of boards with all four guns loaded. In the navy this is straight-forward. You only get trophy credit for a board if you load all four guns before exiting out. This encourages people to learn to deal with all types of boards since exiting out without filling any cannons lowers your rating. On a player ship it would be similar, but you'd only get credit for a given board once. So even if you load each gun more than once on a given board, you only get credit for the one board. This would prevent people from finding a 0-1 arrow board during a pillage and sitting on it until they got the trophy(ies).

Somebody more creative than me will have to think up names for these trophies. And I have no idea what to do for dnav since there are no special pieces.
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