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Forum Help and Rules
Yohoho and a bottle o' rum! Batten down the hatches matey, ye've stumbled upon the YPP forums, home o' the dock tarts and other creatures too fearsome to list by name.

Deutsche Version der Regeln (Click here for the german version!)
Versión en Español de las Reglas del Foro (Click here for Spanish version!)

The forums be a place where pirates gather to discuss matters o' great and trivial import. There be a few rules which ye'll need to follow, but the best advice is to just be respectful o' yer fellow pirates and make sure ye search first before posting so ye aren't repeating anything!

A quick guide to the different forums:
Hear Ye! Announcements: A place for the Oceanmasters and Developers to pass on important information about the game.
Greenie Playground: the place where you should go if you're new to the game and have questions about the game or the forums.
Game Design: Where we discuss the current and future game design. If you have an idea for the game, here's where you'll want to be! Beware the sharks, they feast on repeated ideas!
Tips & Tricks is a place to discuss how you can get better at the game and puzzles and how to advance more quickly!
Technical Issues: When you're unable to login to the game or having other problems, you had best head here to try to work them out!
Ice Discussion: For discussion of recently implemented features on Ice
Shore Leave is the place for discussing anything and everything which lies outside of the game or doesn't belong in any of the other forums.
The Mariner's Muse is home to our Arrrtists and creative contests.

Piratical Parley (Cerulean)(Meridian)(Emerald) is devoted to in-game politics and discussions, there is a Global Parley forum as well as a specific Parley forum for each ocean.
Events (Cerulean)(Meridian)(Emerald) is where you can find current events. Events for everyone can be found in the global section, those specific to just one ocean are listed in specific Event forums for the ocean.
Events Workshop is for discussing the creation and running of events. Interested in running yer own event? Post your idea here for comment from your peers!
Crafting Puzzle Project is where we are designing and planning the next in-game crafting puzzle!
Bazaars (Cerulean)(Meridian)(Emerald) are available for each ocean, this is where you should go if you're looking to buy or sell any items in the game.
Davy Jones' Locker is the waste bucket of the forums where out o' date threads are moved.

Forum Rules
Be respectful and polite. Use of the forums is a privilege, not a right. Bans on the forums will now be permanent. Some of the things which are not allowed to be posted on the forums are:
- Spam or other nonsense that disrupts the forum's formatting, functionality, or usability - including "pyramids".
- Personal attacks--anything intended to insult or belittle the person behind the noseless pirate
- Foul and offensive language, the forums should reflect the same standards as the game. If it's filtered in the game, then it should be filtered on the forums.
- Personal or private information about another player
- Chat logs, PMs and other communication methods without the express posted permission of all participants
- Exploits and any other sensitive information about the game
- Links to cheat or scam sites, malware, fake charities, etc.
- Images as signatures, whether they were technically in the signature or manually pasted in a post.
- Avatars containing blue/navy text which resembles the forum titles given to Three Rings staff only -- as our staff grows, it is necessary to ensure that new members can easily distinguish official staff from players.
- Please keep the forums in the same themes as their oceans. The Opal forums should use German, Jade forums should use Spanish and the Global, Cerulean, Meridian, and Emerald forums should use English. Posts which cannot be read by the moderators will be moved, locked or sunk.

- Anyone bringing up issues on the forums which should be dealt with through other support channels will forfeit any privacy or rights they may have had with regard to that issue.
- Banning issues should be dealt with through Puzzle Pirates support.
- In-game issues should be submitted through the in-game complaint or petition system.
- Disputes with support staff should also be reported using the appropriate form at Puzzle Pirates support.
- Forum PMs are not an official support channel. They should not be used for anything time-sensitive or urgent, or for anything that should be submitted via the support form linked above, in-game /complain, or in-game petition.
- Forum bans are now permanent to reduce the burden on our support staff. We will try to warn you via PM before resorting to a forum ban, but there are limits and you will be removed if you disregard the rules.
- In-game issues do not affect your forum access unless you've been banned. Players who have been banned from the game will not receive warnings about forum behavior. They will simply be removed if they break the forum rules. The reverse is not true, however. If you are forum banned, you will be given an in-game suspension, the length of which will depend on your support record.

This is a guide. Exceptions and new problems will inevitably crop up which may need to be resolved outside of the stated rules. Those who abuse this guide to further their own agendas will be keelhauled. We will do our best to keep this up to date.

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