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Posted by satin11 at Oct 27, 2006 8:25:17 AM
Re: Greeter shortkeys
I agree that the shortkeys would be highly useful, at least a few of them, anyhow, whether one is on duty or not. Most notably, the askbefore one. I've been looking for that one for months and didn't even know it:P
Seriously, I don't see any reason not to do this... yes, some might abuse it, but I think that the people that would use it without abusing it would greatly outnumber them, and I know that personally, it would help me out alot. I understand I can always switch on duty, use the shortkey, and then switch off, but I'm unlikely to do that... just doesn't seem right. So, yes, please... make these sorts of shortkeys available all the time:)
Nem wrote: 
I think this is the first thread I've seen that claims there aren't enough 'donkeys' in the game. Maybe you're hanging out with the wrong pirates.

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