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Posted by keybounce at Mar 8, 2004 4:27:30 AM
Additional info for chart
We can use a little more information on that chat.

Two new columns, "Peace excess/shortage", and "War excess/shortage".

In peace, for example, you need sails, and some carping. I'm not experienced enough to know if you need all the carping, or how much/if any bilging. Nor do I have any idea how much per ship it varies -- most of my experience is on smaller ships (150 people!?!? God, what a swordfight. Stick 10 on 1, and just go for sprinkles :-).

In war, however, you need everything. You need cannons reloaded, damaged repaired. You need all the bilging and sailing to move on the battle board. In short, you need to man every station.

Now, the small ships can't man every station. The largest have people left over after manning every station.

So, how about some indication of how much shortage/surplus the ships have in peace and in war?


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