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Posted by ninja277 at Oct 14, 2006 7:25:19 PM
Pay for Play Blockades Polaris Point
Saturday was a great offensive from the SX/RI/BWoB/ etc. alliance ring. We thank them for waking us out of our island sitting haze and giving us reason to blockade again.

We will kick off our offensive with a blockade at Polaris Point. A simple outpost in the Onyx arch run by a flag that rather change alliances and attempt to steal island wins than stay true to those that helped them gain the island in the first place.

The blockade begins around noon game time on Sunday, October 15, 2006. We are paying 500 PoE per round at the end of each round using Quartermaster. Jobbing contacts are Cyndiepet and Beebe.

The blockade is now sinking courtesy of our great allies, Vanguard, dropping a chest on PP. I <3 you mates:)

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