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Posted by phantoml at Oct 10, 2006 8:52:23 AM
Re: Lost At Sea
OK, last weeks clue was indeed Nu island, as these are the letters the native left out of his sentences. (i.e, whenever he replaced a letter, or missed a letter out, that letter was either N or U)

The current scoreboard stands as follows:

1st - Bieyen - 19 points
2nd - Ceylon - 16 points
3rd - Onelove - 13 points
4th - Dbavirt - 7 points

2 points -

Zaychik, Cam, Budclare, Whedonella, Angeletta

1 point -

Toinette, Brassbeard, , Meilin, Xiaoban, Macaroonny, Yellowshanks, Jnifr, Feylind, Drunkenjoe, and Birchle

Once again, good luck with the next clue!
Chaosdragon (Who, incidently, is STILL looking for Kgeo!)

Edity Edit: Once again, any typos or mistakes I've made please PM me, or tell me in game! (But keep the email address free for entries!)
- Chaosdragon

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