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Posted by Nordenx at Oct 6, 2006 12:14:16 PM
Re: [Selling] Flags/Banners for Poe!
Thanks for the support, Mates! :)

I might be intrested in somthing here, but its more of a request. Ill try to find ye online.

No problem, Mate. You could also contact me via email ( ) or PM if you can't catch me ingame.


I was hoping to get a crew flag made. The crew is Soul Collectors. The design breakdown is as follows:
N background. Color 1 is silver, 2 & 3 are red. - 350
Mad-eyed, fanged skull centered on the meeting point of 1, 2 and 3 - 250
Soul Collectors in black text, Fraktur font, on a silver banner - 75
Waving in wind with 3-Dish shading effect - 100+500
Thanks in advance for the consideration.

Senior Officer of Soul Collectors
Viridian Ocean

SirTomasco, here is the sample. Please, look it over. I'll send you the files as soon as we conclude things in-game. I'll be online probably between 6PM to 8PM (YPP time).

Nordenx of Viridian

Avatar Adventure!
Mariner's Used

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