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Posted by homullus at Jan 7, 2003 3:01:31 AM
crew colors
So, the Dastards are leaning toward adopting crew colors, which is probably not a bad idea for us as well . . . branding will likely be important once flags are implemented (which, I gather, is sooner rather than later, after commerce though). Cleaver told me that the Dastards and the Mutineers appear to him to be the two most active crews these days, and certainly the largest two. The two groups may well end up being the first two flags of any note. I think it would be in keeping with that spirit that we adopt crew colors. They need not be worn all the time, but it certainly gives us a basis for cleaning out our piratical closets, and showing our allegiance when we (ahem) end up jobbing on Dastards voyages and helping in skellington hunts. Once inventory is limited and resale more prevalent, it will be even more important to have rhyme and reason in wardrobe choices. So what say ye all? My opening suggestion is green and black. They are leaning toward red and black, right after I put together a rather striking outfit with just those colors (not fair! not fair at all!). I know many of the Mutineer officers -- well, ok, we're all officers, but those who are on the most -- have excellent outfits along green and black lines already. Everybody likes black! Black goes with everything! We could probably even arrange an initial swap of unwanted clothing with the Dastards, once it's all been settled. I know we're not supposed to be all rainbows-on-muffins and whistles-on-kittens friendly, but it sounds practical.

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