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Posted by HiimEric2001 at Sep 25, 2006 7:43:25 AM
Re: Idea: Fixing gunning with this new "gunning pays" system
You really should retitle this. If I had known what this is about I'd have jumped all over it sooner.

I don't know what changed but it used to be that if you pillaged on a cutter you would spawn sloops and cutters. Now when I try to pillage on a cutter I almost always spawn brigs. Why? Do bots take up more room than real players? I also don't get why when I pillage on a sloop almost all of my spawns are cutters, even when there are 7 or less bots on the ship.

Why has this changed from a couple years ago? What was the problem? Maybe other people are too good? Well, that's nice for them. I'm not good enough to bnav a cutter against a brig. I never was even in a position where I had to do this until I started bnavving again over the summer.

Really this should be fixed.
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