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Posted by garf at Jul 28, 2003 11:48:42 AM
Re: PvP, game design, and what's fun
on topic:

these numbers dont come out of nowhere. i honestly make profit (if i count the crew cut part that goes to the crew funds, a very significiant profit) 90+% of the times i take a small sloop out, thats with rum costs included. i dont bother to buy cannon shots because of their price. everyone on the trip makes a profit, and its usually around 100-150 poe per trip - surely more ye could gain at the navy.

and thats including a fair mix of newbies with not-so newbies. check what lubbers are on at afternoon american time, thats the people on the boats. i never use swabbies to pillage, though. now ye, rifkind, obviously have a lot more experience on sea battles, and same goes fer most of yer crew. so i dont really understand where yer problem is there.

feel free to give me a tell to join a trip on occasion, or invite me to one of yours.

my stance on the pvp thing, kept short: im a die-hard pvp fan. that said, no game with full pvp ever worked so far. then again, all of those allowed mass ganking, had 1on1 pvp and most importantly levels and equipment. im really looking forward to full-scale flag wars in this game. it would scare me off if it became care-bear, but imo the devs stated often and clearly enough that thats not going to happen on the seas. ganking is already prevented by the black ship, so me expectations are very high fer the future.
- Randal

[size=9]also Garf, Silvain and a few others

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