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Posted by DreadedChris at Sep 22, 2006 4:05:27 PM
Re: Increase Brigand Payout???
Everyone walked away with 2k a piece on a greenie pillage yesterday, with 1.2k just Turtle > Alpha. I even lost my first battle.

2k is a fair amount I figure.

That may be, but it is still more than possible to go on a pillage with a lot of greenies, win every battle, and lose significant cash on the restocking. And when i say 'greenies', I mean those with green names. Those with green names appear to be treated differently by the system than an all-able yellow name with little experience. The unramped payouts are terrible, and a little bit of jobber turnover will stop the ramp from happening...

I hear that I could pay for restock if I didn't bother shooting the brigands, but my experience with greenies has been that if the battle isn't max 0, they will lose every time. Yah, yah, I know, I should get faster at insta'ing the brigands and take them all myself. It's easier, more fun, and pays better just not to hire greenies. Bots are more effective than green name anyway.

So anyway, it would be good if the booty payout formula was changed to not make greenie pillages such a mess. However, the level that the OP was complaining about isn't actually a problem, IMO. Moderately successful 'low-level' pillages of distinguished-respected-master mates pay enough for everyone to make more than they would in the navy, and for the navver to cover restock on an undefeated pillage at a 25% restock. That's do-able.

Pure greenie pillages can only break even if you can get them to stay long enough for the payouts to ramp. Which they usually won't do, since they generally decide to leave at some random time in the middle of a battle. Those that don't, that actually stay and work their station the whole pillage, are probably worth heartying for future jobbing. Or recruiting. Those ones won't be green much longer!
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