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Posted by Chavez67 at Sep 22, 2006 11:28:04 AM
Re: Increase Brigand Payout???
25 greenies on a war brig is essentially begging for death. The best way I've found to run greenie pillages is with merch brigs, because two top shelf pirates can keep it afloat - one gunning one sailing, and someone doing the nav while puzzling - and you even have a gun spot free for a whining greenie.

...but your payouts are so low it's pointless.

Then there's going with a war brig with 12 experienced mates aboard, mostly on sails, one carper one bilger one gunner. Fill the rest with greenies. Their sucktastic puzzling doesn't impact you if you don't get shot. You can go for a good string of wins that way too.

...but your payouts are so low it's pointless.

Then there's a sloop with 2, 3, or 4 rockstars, add an able greenie or three. Very easy to run that boat.

...but your payouts are so low it's pointless.

Look, guys:

There's a payout range keyed to skill. It goes from about 50 poe per pirate to around 3000 poe per pirate, and your spawn difficulty puts you in that range, and your puzzle stats determine your spawn. I don't see any problem whatsoever in adjusting that range, so instead of 50-3000, it goes from 200-3000.

Do you?

Worst that can happen is that more pirates have liquid cash, which means they can buy more stuff, which means OOO makes more real money on micropayments.
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