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Posted by Cleaver at Jul 28, 2003 9:43:31 AM
I agree with Soma, let's not get into the whole PvP debate *here* as well, let alone bicker about it. Certainly we need to get the game's fun factor sorted out aside from PvP, merchants and Pirates otherwise. I do think that's it's Piratey to accept the challenge of well-matched sea battle, but I don't really see any shortage of that.

So, back to topic please and no flaming.

Trading we are indeed going to fix, more details on this soon. Pillaging and rum consumption numbers are easily changed but I would like to see the commodity supply stabilise before too many conclusions are drawn. We are taking steps to drastically increase the supply of commodities in the next release, for now I continue to put in enough to bring it to consumption levels by hand.

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