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Posted by USCfan at Sep 22, 2006 7:42:59 AM
Increase Brigand Payout???
I think Brigand payout should be increased. I mean compared to the other ways of making poe its kinda lakin we willl go over the ways...

SF or Rumble tourney you may win 5 K plus special prizes it takes about an our and the only people is see win the tourneys are unltimates and legendarys.

Poker... omg winning 30K on 1 hand then losing 15k on the next... to me it seems sac-piratey i mean gall if ya have that much money go by some ships or new clothes.

Pillie- ok high end pillies bring in lets say 15K an hour but for me i find if i job for 2 hours or so on a war frig i only get like 2K.

So can we increase the payout of brigands?
i mean for us pirates who are ok at everything shouldn't we be able to make at least like 3k an hour.

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