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Posted by muffy at Jul 28, 2003 9:26:34 AM
running a shoppe/acting like a pirate
Aye, Hanzii, as a shipwright, every commodity ye need is available in yer local archipelago, in the necessary quantities, at least when stimulated a bit. Ye might try trading to fully supply a tailor/weaver/apothecary to find out where these reputed shortages are.

I'd love to see a reference from somewhere that states that pirates were primarily (or only) PvPers. Everything I've ever read about them suggests that they attacked nice fat merchant ships (or gold galleons) the vast majority of the time, not each other.

Merriam-Webster says:

Pirate: one who practices piracy
Piracy: an act of robbery on the high seas

This is my understanding of what a pirate is. Since all sea battle involves robbery of the defeated ship, I don't see that attacking any particular type of ship is more acting like a pirate than attacking any other type.

Me Sea Battle experience hit Illustrious the other day, so I submit that I've done a great deal more piracy than most of the people in this game. On land, I tend to like to help people out. This does not appear to me to be excluded by any definition of piracy I've seen.
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