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Posted by Teirlap at Jul 28, 2003 9:23:28 AM
Re: PvP, game design, and what's fun
Penndalla wrote: 
A pirate game whar non-piratey folks rule the day: not fun.

The FAQ wrote: 
Q. What are your high-level design goals?

A few of our design goals in creating Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates are:

  • ]Fun over realism.
  • ]Usability over technology.
  • ]Bring the player into strong social and political groups quickly and elegantly.
  • ]Provide a rich set of rules for interacting with the environment and other players.
  • ]Support high-level player politics to generate gameplay and competition at all levels.
  • ]Encourage different play styles, don?t require a substantial time commitment.
  • ]Simplify, abstract, simplify. Simmer. Add secret spices.[/list:u:a0033f7449]We're applying these in the context of our Puzzling endeavours and the general patterns of massively multi-player design.

Thus, I figure merchants and privateers have just as much 'say' as pirates do. Thanks for the thought, though.
Frederico del Mar, President of the Emerald Company
'Merchants and accountants by profession, the Company's men lived by the ledger and ruled with the quill.'
~ John Keay, The Honourable Company

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