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Posted by BehindCurtai at Sep 21, 2006 1:27:30 PM
Cutters, again (was: Idea: Fixing gunning with this new "gunning pays" system)
I'm assuming that the new methods of pay will be usable on pillages. In the "New ice features" thread, a comment was raised about how hard it is to get to be good at pillage gunning, and how this will just make things more exclusive.

Here's an idea. Make it more likely that a loaded cutter will face cutters instead of brigs.

We all know that 7 in a sloop is likely to face a WB on anything harder than yellow. So imagine what a cutter is like.

Now, consider what a cutter has, that a sloop doesn't have: Two gunning stations.

On a sloop, you need your one gunner to be good. You really can't take a learner.

On a cutter, you can -- if the gunners can each do 1-2 per round, that's enough.

So cutters are probably the best way for people to transition from navy gunning to pillage gunning.

Except that a cutter gets outclassed almost all the time. I think (it's been a while since I checked) that 9 on a cutter on a green will spawn MB's.

How about giving cutters more cutters? If nothing else, that would give cutters some sort of advantage over sloops.
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