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Posted by Hanzii at Jul 28, 2003 9:09:40 AM
Re: PvP, game design, and what's fun
I tend to agree with Penn on this issue - allthough Cleavers more refined and thoughtful take on PvP is more up my alley.
In a game by this name the number one priority must be having a lot of grand puzzling games in place - the second must be piracy.
In both case I'd rather play against real people than the computer.

Regarding Rifkinds list:
Fun enough, but I went into the shopkeeping business because i was becoming bored with attacking brigands. I still join my crew occasionally on a trip though.
I agree that prices on rum and shots should go down, but believe the simultaneous colonization efforts added to the great influx of players is what causes this. It's temporary.
When pillaging solo (that is, trying to trade, but being intercepted) I win more than I loose, so I'm ahead (with expensive rum and shots subtracted)

Running a shop
Great fun.
It could be more complex and more fun. I'd like some of the additions suggested in other threads (and I'm looking forward to when the shipyard is finished with customization). But bottomline is - the most fun I've had in YPP so far.
Right now my shoppe is working on a merchant galleon (600wood, 225iron, 325brown cloth) for Mad Mutineers newbie training. I've built two war brigs and a lot of sloops, since I started. So I can only say: Shortage? Schmortage!
nah, I know the grandfathering Cleaver is doing has a lot to do with this, but since he's adding commodities to the markets and not shoppes, this should help others than me. My prices are good and a lot of traders are making money from my shop. And so am I.
I make more money because I'm active in getting commodities for my own shop (cytting out the middle man) - but I'd still be making money if i did nothing but monitoring prices... but much slower.
I'm sure once we find a natural level of new players entering, hit the proper commodity production level for islands and don't try to quadruple the number of colonized islands overnight, running a shop will be fun and challenging again (or in my case - even more).

It's ok. Needs some changes, but fun.
Too much camping involved. Auto-camping will level the playingfield and remove the advantage players with no life have. It still favours rich crews too much, though. Maybe the addition of several more archiplagos will give more small crews the chance of hitting the jackpot.
But a lot of tweaking is needed still.
I am however making so much just running between three islands at quite regular times, that I'm worried penn finds out - having to hire bodyguards would make my ships a bit more expensive.

YPP is getting more fun after every release.
Hanzii - shipbuilder (retired), Turtle

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