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Posted by phantoml at Sep 20, 2006 8:56:15 AM
Re: Lost At Sea
Ahoy all! In order to keep this event neat and tidy, ive created a seperate thread purely for the diary entrys. Please keep the thread clear of questions, to make it easier to locate each entry!!

The thread is here , so just check here for any new entries I may have discovered!

Also, i have changed the lay out slightly, and the event will now be updated every monday, at 9pm BST (British Summer Time) and we will be exepting answers until 8.59pm the following monday. I have updated the original post to include this.

The event will run for a total of 10 diary entries, and therefore 10 weeks, ending on the 20th of November. I feel this gives people enough time to ponder each entry, and will also allow people that miss the first 3/4 puzzles to catch up and play along.

The second entry will be posted, in the diary thread linked above, on the 25th september.
Now then, back to the hunt!!

Edity Edit: And aye, twas posted a few days previous, but i had a few kinks to iron out before i thought it was ready for public. Sorry for any confusion caused!
- Chaosdragon

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