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Posted by saynata at Jul 28, 2003 7:51:19 AM
Re: caveats
muffy wrote: 
One thing that WAS bizarre in me unprofitable pillage trip yesterday was being chased by this one brigand. The first time they got us, there were seven of them and five of us (two swabbies, me and an officer, and a junior Pirate). They hit the rocks, plus I got a shot into them, so they had four or five rows of damage. They completely thrashed us. A little while later they attacked us again, had no damage at all, and we completely thrashed them. Very odd, and it made victory seem like more of a random event than something under me control.

Pieces do fall completely at random, Cap'n, so that suggestion's entirely possible.

I have to say that I agree with whoever said that the changes need to be done and integrated slowly, because things get really thrown out of whack.

Are there any ways that you can fathom that would make any of those things (sans shopkeeping, which is and will be a tad tiresome until I can hold an inventory *roll*) a bit more fun?
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