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Posted by phantoml at Sep 19, 2006 12:30:53 PM
Lost At Sea
Lost at Sea - A Twin Dragons Event.
(All diary entries posted, alone, in THIS thread.)

Avast! While out pillaging today with me motley crew, I accidently knocked me hearty, Kgeo, off the helm of the vessel! I dived in after him, but couldn't save him from being carried off by the waves. Who knows where hes gone!

Upon reboarding my vessel, I turned around and ported. And low and behold, what do I find on the floor? An extract from Kgeo's diary. It read something like this:

The only problem is that I forgot about his love of riddles and puzzles! I don't think I'll be able to do this on my own. Actually, that's a good idea! If you guys can help me decipher his hidden clues , I might just be able to find him! I think I have an idea wheres hes heading with this one, so I'll get after him!

If I know Kgeo, he will do his best to return to Turtle Island, and our home. But where to start? without a compass, hes bound to get lost somewhere! I'd best get after him, and get him home soon!

If you guys can work out the riddle in his diary, then send your answer to , and I'll go check! He should tell me which island he wants to go to next somewhere in there. It'll probably take me a few days to get there though, but if I find something there I'll post it here ASAP!

Oh, and to all those pirates that help me, I've got a few goodies lying about! Ya see, as I need to find Kgeo as fast as possible, I will give 9 points to the first person that gives me the right answer to each of the riddles, 6 points to the second, and 4 points to the third. Every correct answer after that will be awarded 1 point a piece. Im sure he'll be travelling about a bit though, so I expect he'll visit alot of islands before i find him again, so there will be plenty of chances to score points! When I've finally discovered Kgeo, I think I may be able to dig up some prizes for the people that score highest over the whole search:

1st place: One war brig, the Open-minded Ling!
2nd place: 20,000 PoE
3rd place: 10,000 PoE
4th-10th: 1,000 PoE, and entry to the lucky dip to win a sand dollar!

Anyways, that's enough talking! Hold on Kgeo, I'm coming!!

(Note: The puzzles and riddles featured in this event will all spell out an island in the midnight ocean. Also, the puzzles featured will be of varying difficulty, so if you cant work out one, check back for the next! Best of luck to all that enter, and a new puzzle should be posted every monday!)
- Chaosdragon

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