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Posted by muffy at Jul 28, 2003 7:32:47 AM
Cleaver, ye make excellent points. There are definitely TIMES when pillaging is fun, trading is fun, and shoppekeeping is fun. I HAVE had great pillage trips, I HAVE made the (very occasional lately) score in trading, or at least a reasonable profit, I HAVE enjoyed the shoppe management, including chatting with customers.

Unless things change, I'm not likely to want to run a shoppe again, since even in the beginning, it took more of my time than I really wanted to spend on it, and that's obviously something which will vary from person to person, and shoppe to shoppe. I would have (and did, I think...*smile*) said at the beginning that it was fun, if for no other reason than that it was a new thing to try, and very cool to try to figure out the economy. Trading was also fun for a long time, but lately has not been. I know ye're addressing this.

As far as pillage profits, I'll do some analysis and get back to ye with figures. No point arguing based on me feelings...*smile*.

One thing that WAS bizarre in me unprofitable pillage trip yesterday was being chased by this one brigand. The first time they got us, there were seven of them and five of us (two swabbies, me and an officer, and a junior Pirate). They hit the rocks, plus I got a shot into them, so they had four or five rows of damage. They completely thrashed us. A little while later they attacked us again, had no damage at all, and we completely thrashed them. Very odd, and it made victory seem like more of a random event than something under me control.
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