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Posted by Soma at Jul 28, 2003 7:22:23 AM
chiming in..
I'm one of those crewmates mentioned, so I thought it best that I get a word or two in as well. It'll be my typical sprawling ramble, so please bare with me. Easily our biggest issues right now are rum and shot, rum being so in several ways. I've adjusted to using cannons less in battle because of the shortage in iron and subsequent dramatic price hike, but this then forces the sea battles to last much longer if you wish to lay any damage down on an enemy. Jack can attest to my skill in laying on the damage through rocks alone, and I'll claim to be one of the best at this method... Where I'm going with this (I just woke up, yes I know it's afternoon *smiles weakly*); If you wish to pillage with some junior pirates, you're going to have to get damage in no matter the relative strength of the enemy vessel. Green's aren't a given with new players, which is to be expected, but the time involved now to make them likely wins burns a giant hole in the pocket of whoever is providing rum. Rum consumption is simply too fast as it stands, with our without other factors making it a pain. In the past, it wasn't unusual that I'd cut my share and even throw in the hold on the last split, especially if things were slower or less succesful than I wished. I don't like sending new players out with meager earnings, even if I'm largely working on training them. With the price of rum and shot now, I simply cannot do that, at least not for long (or else I find my bank account running a negative soon enough).

On the trading end, I've tried taking this up now and then simply because the player demand for commodities is so high. If the influx of players were to taper off, this would settle down to the basic needs (wood,iron,cane,hemp) for the most part; However, I don't want that to happen for the sake of the dev team, every new player is a chance at making bank eventually. It seems as if the colonization rush has settled, yet now we deal with shortages in every other department while still having issues with wood,iron and hemp. I would like to see most (I cannot say all, there are some real ....'s running around now) of the new players able to earn their poe and spend it to outfit themselves with whatever they wished. Ignoring the issue of poe alltogether, they're still left unable to buy these things because of the lack of people willing to trade and commodities for those that do try and do so. Beyond that, the laborer issue rises up. Basically, on the economic side of things, we're being saddled with too many issues and changes all at once. I understand their parts in the grand scheme of things, but some are too early and some aren't being dealt with propperly (please take no offence, I know the hard work you're all putting into making things run smoothly, and it's greatly appreciated).

I'm not even going to try and cover suggestions for pvp in this area, I think we need to deal with what we have and formerly 'worked' before we try to tack on incentives to this or that style of play. All I can offer are likely quick fixes, but they would at least allow us to stabilize. One of the few things that the last testing game I played of this overall nature (having a vast economic landscape, though dependant on monster killing) did right was to increase the drop percentage in times of change, giving every player a better chance to break into the new dealings. Not directly applicable, but you'll see my suggestions border on the same idea.

Pillage: Increased winnings, pretty simple there. With the comodity prices now, it is now near improbable that a captain or fund provider will be able to come out remotely ahead on a smaller (player count) ship. Proportionally, if the winnings were to be hiked, it would then seem nescesary to cut down or re-adjust the bonus applied to extra hands. Why should I make 500poe with 4 players and then make 700 with 5 off of the same ship? (rough factoring, but there are some dramatic jumps here and there).

Rum: If we were to forego the league consumption, 3 minutes just doesn't cut it. I could see anywhere from 5-10 minutes being a viable 'bottoms up!' time.
Shot: This is directly a commodity issue, nothing more. Adressed below.

Commodities and Trading: Overall, I'm hoping that these are adjustable through database work and not something harder to code in, my vantage point on all things code related are a little weak. There is a variety of ways to 'help' this scene, so I'll lay them out in a little more debth than the previous thoughts.

Increased output/carrying ability: With the accepted risk and expense of obtaining commodities, it is so entirely hit and miss that you actually obtain enough to profit from (of whatever you're after) that I am absolutely certain the majority of players have been turned off from doing anything to help the situation. The easiest fix I can see on this front would be to double (or triple, or.. on and on, I can't predict) the market outputs and increase the hold capacity of all vessels. This would leave an element of luck in trading, but it would seem to be the easiest to quickly instate and test.

Market 'net': While we play a nautical game, I don't think it to be unreasonable to believe that the markets are 'in touch' with eachother. It would be lovely if you were able to visit one and see the available stock at all present markets, making trip planning efficient and likely to result in something. We've taken a few trips too often to far away islands with very meager results. This would reintroduce the idea of sea races to stock up on precious cargoes; at the moment, whether you hurry or not, it's all luck. You could argue it's timing, but having no system in place to check things, it sure feels like luck.

Market contracts or orders: This is a bit farther from the current state, and somewhat tied to the previous thought. If you were allowed to buy a contract (order, whatever) from a far away market to guarantee this or that, it would then make the pickup a given and something more easily fit into a trade AND pillage trip. We could entertain our crews the entire way there, putting a bonus on the profits, and then make haste to return home without any trouble, for the sake of losing a hefty bit of our stock.

That's all I've got at this point, though I do have a few last (and recent) thoughts to tack on to the majority. Markets are now quite obviously the most important piece of our economical system. While I appreciate the thought of instituting a majority of player control, we need systems in place as far as markets go. While this would slow down colonization, we simply cannot have one important commodity either being entirely gobbled up or ignored (production wise) by the population of the island which happens to live there. While it would stand to make sense that certain islands have this or that, while others had something else, it's just not economically feasible (or possible, for new players) to go jaunting all about just to track something down you wish to have. When we were limmited to this only being an issue from alpha to turtle, it's now spiralled close to out of control, being an issue for all no matter where you happen to be. We're not running things to a simple hub or offshoot island anymore, we're traversing the entire distance of the ocean to try and bring things home (not to mention elsewhere).
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