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Posted by Cryptic at Jan 6, 2003 11:41:00 AM
Re: Dark Tide Roll Call
Good heavens m'lady!

This is indeed a dreadful scrouge! I am afeared that we are indeed an aging and landlocked crew!

I rejoice at the news of your acadmic triumphs and am awed by the great duties which Duplo finds himself assigned to!

With twice the work yet half the crew
Chances for cheering are rare and few
But when all the work is neatly done
We'll toast the heroes - respect hard won

I hope you'll wish him all the best on my behalf.

I myself am a trifle occupied at the moment as I am spending a little bit more time pursuing one of my minor hobbies. Indeed it is with great surprise that I find myself putting pen to paper in an attempt to craft a master tale that will entrap and ensnare the imagination. It has certainly been a while since I have tried to pen anything remotely approaching fiction.

My last epic that I can recall involved a multi-month plot line involving guns and snowmobiles which was the fabulous brain product of a short lived writing partnership which I shared with a friend in fourth grade.

While I no longer will be able to commit the same amount of time that I did in days past, I would still love to roleplay my good Captain Cryptic to some degree.

Hence I would suggest that we turn ourselves in to a small but organized crew with scheduled playing times for RPing. This is not to prevent individuals from playing whenever they want, but would likely mean a single weekly RP event where we could be sure to be able to carouse with each other and share our tall tales.

When the fell moon rises and kingdoms fall
There's a time of darkness before cock's call
When the Tide washes in from windward to lee
And she leaves behind her a blood-red sea

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