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Posted by Cleaver at Jul 28, 2003 7:03:18 AM
Re: having fun
muffy wrote: 
Pillaging: little fun (still like the actual sea battle, though!)

Re: Pillaging Profitability, I was out pillaging on Saturday night and the crew cleared a very handsome sum indeed, after rum. I agree that balls are ludicrously priced such that they are not worth using right now, and that rum could come down quite a bit, but I have issue with the unprofitability question. I also had a lot of fun doing it.
Trading: no fun

It's fun when you make a score, but not fun otherwise. As previously mentioned we are going to take steps to boost this side of the game. Top secret steps, for now.
Shoppekeeping: no fun

I take issue with this. Lots of folk have told me that running a shoppe is great fun. I agree that shortages make it a lot less fun.

On every front it sounds like shortages of commodities (and the lack of robustness in trading) is probably the primary culprit. We acknowledge the problem (referring back to the incredible growth rate) and are taking steps both temporary and longer time to solve it.

The other big 'not fun' issue seems to be money movement. I dunno. Let's get transfers in and then if it's still a fiasco, we'll have to reconsider. But as I keep saying, a Pirate game where you can whisk money and nobody ever, ever sails with any cash (that's not in their immediate booty), is not very piratey.

Re: being engaged a lot when trading, this is indeed a bit of a problem. Maybe we need to dither down the engagement 'speed radius' (although that will cause problems the other way, too!)

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