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Posted by Pythos at Jul 28, 2003 6:15:58 AM
Re: PvP, game design, and what's fun
Since it was asked, I'd like to add another thing to what has cut down on the 'fun' factor so far. Keep in mind, I don't play this game to be a shop keeper, or to make a ton of money by trading and camping etc. I like this game because it allows me to play puzzle games - one of my favorite game genres - cooperativly with other people. So while changes to the economy or to shopkeeper or whatever don't really bother me, changes to the puzzles affect the way I play the game.

As far as puzzles go, I liked that there was a good mix. If you navigated or sailed, it mixed in a good percentage of speed and planning, since the pieces were constantly moving.

On the other side, if you wanted to bilge or carp, that really didn't rely on speed, and I could take some time planning huge combo moves. I didn't necessarily go fast on those, but once I found the combo, things would move great.

Now it seems, to get a good score, you gotta be fast at everything, and the puzzles are pretty much the same. Whereas before I could chose what kind of puzzling mood I was in - whether it be fast paced with sailing or nav, or slow planning paced with carp and bilge - now every puzzle is 'forget about big combos, just clear as much little stuff as you can or else you'll booch'.

Like I pointed out in another thread, halfway though a league, I decided to bilge to clear out what little bilge we had. I made one move, and made a combo that cleared something like 13 lines, and by the time it was done, we were at the league marker. I got a 'good' on that league where in the past, I would have gotten an 'incredible'. The puzzles all just seem too identical right now, there is not the variety there was, since scoring is a big part of the game.

I know it's beta and the puzzles were just changed and are going through some flux, and I really do love this game, but I just though I'd share my impressions. There is a chance things could even out, but as it stands now, the puzzling variety didn't take a good step with this latest patch.
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