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Posted by muffy at Jul 28, 2003 4:58:05 AM
having fun
Ye're right, Bluebeard, sorry about that. Another of me long rambling posts that I really don't know where it's going...*smile*. There are some specific things that I miss, like bein' able to fill me ship with npps, but I'm over a lot of it and I've learned to enjoy different things (plus I've grown me crew to a point where I can at least fill up me small sloop the majority of the time).

However, some specifics. Price of cannonballs makes 'em unusable. Price of rum makes even successful pillaging voyages marginally profitable at best. Shortage of herbs and some minerals, and significantly lowered production of same at markets makes trading marginally profitable at best. Lack of whisking of money frustrates mostly the cash-strapped players, and is only a minor inconvenience for me, but adds to me workload if I choose to help people out, as I usually do. Change to labour makes production of items take too long. Sure, if I ordered a ship in real life, I wouldn't expect it to be done that day, but in game, I'm standin' around on the docks tappin' me foot and fumin' at me lack of ship, after all me hard work to make and save the money for it. Even worse if the shipbuilder needs some scarce iron, which I can't provide due to me lack of ship/crew officership. Swabbie number limits make it impossible to take the brig trading alone (and it's painful even with a bunch of crew), making shipping of large-volume items like wood or hemp a matter of painful duty rather than fun. And the profits still aren't very good. Havin' to pick up yer wages at distant markets is unfeasible for many players (aye, ye can ferry there, but how do ye get home again, unless ye have a friendly crew to make the trip both ways), lowering employment there. Meanwhile, labour limits at home means most people can't get jobs.

Ramble ramble. Let's narrow it down a bit:

1. Pillaging just isn't sufficiently profitable anymore, with the cost of shot and rum, and the scarcity of both, as well as a scarcity of pillageable brigands. I've lost money on the shot and rum when I've gone out the last few times, even though I've brought in 500-1000 pieces of eight. I don't want to cut into the profits of me crew; why should they spend an hour of real time pillaging to make less than they can make jobbing with the navy, even with reduced navy wages? If I pay them well, why should I finance a voyage at a loss to me? Can't win here.

2. Running a shoppe is a serious pain, due to the resource and labour shortages, which appear to have gotten even worse in the most recent update. I'm now out of the direct game, but still feeling the pain in trying to help supply shoppes. Subtopic of this is how ridiculously unsatisfying and unprofitable trading is the majority of the time (ye can occasionally make a killing in iron, if ye're lucky, but otherwise it's barely profitable and very time-consuming). I don't like trading at all anymore, I just do it to help people out.

3. Most changes seem to be biasing the game to the benefit of large crews with many junior pirate members/jobbers. I'd LIKE to pull together as many crew as I can, add a jobber or two, load up me brig, and go galleon-hunting, as in the old days, but with the damage from our shot being almost nonexistant, the profits being smaller than the cost of the shot, having a small crew, and being limited on swabbies, it's just not going to happen. Plus, I hear a rumour that ye only get Kraken's Blood now from large ships; if this is true, and if it's true of other rare commodities/maps as well, it makes these interesting finds out of our league most of the time. We still can defeat the occasional brig, but since they shoot back and damage us more than we damage them, even if we win, we often have a tediously long period of carpenting and bilging before we're ready to catch something else. A great deal of work, little or no profit, and long periods with no battling. Where's the fun?


Pillaging: little fun (still like the actual sea battle, though!)
Trading: no fun
Shoppekeeping: no fun
Skelly fighting: lots o' fun
Duty puzzling: pretty fun, but I've done it all so much...not as fun as it was
Hosting tournaments: kind of fun, could be better
Chatting with me crew: lots of fun, except when everyone is downcast due to the things mentioned above
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