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Posted by homullus at Jul 28, 2003 4:27:12 AM
Re: PvP, game design, and what's fun
I think, overall, that one of the things that *could* seem less fun is that it's harder and more expensive to go out and pillage. And because it's harder and more expensive, and we have a huge influx of people, the vast majority can't go afford to go out and demand that we take them (along with all the demands for free stuff and free transportation).

I am more inclined to see this as temporary, but I also have exponentially increased my Y!PP patience by cutting back the length (but not frequency) of my sessions.

I am glad ye are addressing the commodity shortages, but it seems like a better time to put the employment max in would be when crafting is connected. Replacing one shortage for another still leaves you short.

And I mean this in the nicest way, but I think you're plain ol' burned out, Rifkind; the current state of the game (and your memory of the ultra-simple days of yore) surely contributed, but you're on A LOT. Like, a lot a lot. I actually got burned out maybe 6 months ago (?) and stopped for a couple weeks. Came back, didn't dive in as enthusiastically, and have been much happier ever since.

Maybe take a vacation, from us at least.

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