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Posted by pednuno at Sep 14, 2006 5:55:43 AM
Re: [Selling] Flags/Banners for Poe!

Price: 10k poe (not including the cost of the flag he originally ordered)

I wana order a Flag to put on YPPEDIA and a signature like that one with the Flag i order.
ai- colours 1- White 2- Black 3 and 4- Grey
+ Skull alt w/ mad eyes & fangs = 250 poe
+ Single Sword (color: metalic blue, gold, Red) = 150 poe (Behind)

I would also like Wind Effect and a format like this one

I want to use this
pirate on the Avatar and Signature.(Pednuno)

And i want another Avatar with this pirate (for a friend)


The Flag's Name is "The Black Pearl" wich i also want to include in the Flag like Midian's one but with a diferent "mini flag" for the name of it. ( I will let that to your imagination )

(optional)Use your banner in the background of your Avatar (using your pirate portrait or ingame image):
+5k poe (static)

Im not 100% if this will be fine in the avatar but i will try it:
(optional) 3D-ish cell shaded images:
+ 500 poe (flat fee... pun!)

I guess thats it.
Sorry i know im a difficult costumer.

1 Flag to Put in Ypp
2 Avatar (seablades) and another with (Pednuno)
1 Signature (pednuno)

Thanks and tell me What will be the price.

"Because PoE is useless if you don't use it."

Avatar by AlexisAngel

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