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Posted by garf at Jul 26, 2003 8:16:33 PM
Re: New Release
Vixen wrote: 
Up to three new players don't count against swabbie limits or your vessel's might rating, so job those newbies and show 'em the ropes

This has to be the worst change over if I understand this right

Back to 7 against 4 with no fear of black ship.

This has to be the easiet thing to abuse/manipulate in the whole game, If this works as I think it works then there wont be any old pirates, just batches of fresh, not really new pirates that dont effect rating but can kick Butt anyways

Change it to 1 new pirate (maybe 2 on a brig) not effect ratings, they already should have easier routes to train on.

Once I get a few of the older crew I plan to test this feature, if it works as I think then I have basically a sloop crewed as basic (me and 3 swabbies) for ratings, but a full boat of at least 3 above average (my 3 pirates new be hand picked). this crew would wipe anything rated the same as it and probably still be able to take out some of the brigs I come across which IMO is basically taking the game back to the boat full of npp's stage.

Probably not the use you want it put to, but its a feature now and open to abuse by anyone

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